Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector 4K Virtual Screen Launched in China


Many people are still using regular projectors and they are working great but the newest technology to launch is the laser projector and over the past few years these have been growing in popularity.   Xiaomi recently launched their Mijia Brand which includes the Mijia Laser Projector 4k.  You can only get this product in China, but it has a 4k resolution on a virtual 150-inch screen.

This new projector is the second edition to the original Mijia Laser Projector, but the previous projector came with HD quality while the new Projector 4k has a 4k resolution making for a better viewing experience. The new Laser Projector has a 25,000-hour ranking which means it can used for 17 years if used 4 hours a day. 

Right now, the Mijia 4K Projector is only available through pre-sale offers and it must be paid for in advance.  This Laser Projector can show off of a wall or a projector screen and it will directly project on it which makes it easier to move around and find that perfect location for viewing. 

This Projector also comes with built-in speakers, 3 HDMI ports for hooking up HD devices, and you can buy separately the MIUI TV interface which will enable the projector to have smart connectivity  

Xiaomi has released several TV and projectors in the past as this is the focus of their company.  The Mijia Laser Projector 4k was originally priced at $14,999 Yuan which is approximately $2200 in US dollars, but the company decided to run a promotion offering a $5000 Yuan discount.  This is sure to increase demand but again this device is only being sold in China but look for its distribution to spread to the United States. 

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