WhatsApp iOS Gets New Engaging Features



Consumers with smart phones are constantly having to download phone updates as well as updates that seem to come daily from the applications downloaded. The ever-popular mobile messaging app, WhatsApp iOS has a new update that is going to bring in a lot of features that consumers have demanded. 

Although some of the new features in the rollout are already available to people who have android phones, the entire rollout of the new update will happen first for Apple users and then is sure to spread throughout all smart phones.  Apple users can download the new update on Monday – January 13, 2019.  Simply go to your app store and find the application and click for the update.  Other devices will roll out at a later date. 

With the newest version of WhatsApp, 2.19.10, users will be able to upload photos, stickers, videos and even be able to reply privately when in a group chat. The most entertaining part of the new update is that people who gifs, photos or videos will be able to overlay a sticker or even an emoji from the application. 



There are a few features that make WhatsApp so popular among those who wish to use messaging from their mobile device.

First, WhatsApp allows you to delete a message sent less than 7 minutes earlier.  How many times have you written a message and pressed send only to have a change of heart? WhatsApp has that ability.


You can also set a custom notification for someone whom you might be expecting an important message. This allows you to quickly get to those messages that are important and respond to others at a later time. WhatsApp has many other features but the most valuable might be the ability to download a complete conversation which will include all attachments and emojis. This can be valuable in certain situations. 

So, if you are looking for an alternative to Facebook messenger then download WhatsApp on Monday when the new update will be available.  If you have the app already then make sure you complete the update to get all the new features.    


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