Twitch Streamer Wakes Up To 200 Viewers After Falling Asleep



Twitch has definitely become one of the most active social media platforms in the past year. From a streaming site solely dedicated to online video games, Twitch has become an all-around sharing platform which is becoming more and more a cultural phenomenon.

As more users willing to share and stream personal live videos, the more odd things are seen on a regular basis.

JesseDStreams is just another regular Twitch streamer, decided to share a live video of himself on Twitch’ “Chatting” category, while having an ordinary evening. Feeling more and more comfortable during the stream this happened:


JesseDStreams accidently fell asleep during his live stream while 200 viewers remained online watching the whole thing.

JesseDStreams’s video of waking up, surprised to find active viewers on this chat, has created a massive interest across the web generating more than 1M views!

Needless to say, his channel grew over 1000 subscribers since that incident.


Twitch has some streaked rules regarding falling asleep during a live stream, but JesseDStreams has yet to face any warnings.

This is not the first time a streamer falls asleep while being live, not even the first time this week. As far as we know, Twitch hasn’t taken any action against any of those users, nor should they 🙂


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