The Soon To Be But Yet Unreleased 2019 TVs



If you are already bored with all the televisions out there in the market, we have got some that might raise the excitement with the unreleased 2019 TVs. We aren’t talking about those Ultra HD TV’s, no. While we still await the launch of some good exclusive 4K content channels, manufacturers are already looking forward to the launch of 8K TVs and more.

At CES 2019, held in Las Vegas, Nevada just recently, we got to see many interesting prototypes of televisions that big brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, and TCL are planning to release shortly.

LG, for one, introduced a TV that rolls down, while Sony and Samsung played the big cards with super large televisions. None of them mentioned the prices of these unreleased models, but we are sure that they are going to be super expensive.


The Top TVs of 2019 You Need to Look Forward to

Let’s take a peek into what the future of television is going to look like by the end of 2019.

1. Sony ZG9 8K 85 inch LED LCD TV



The Sony ZG9 8K 85 inch LED LCD TV was undoubtedly everyone’s center of attraction at CES 2019. You can’t ignore it even if you try to; it is the biggest 8k television anyone has ever seen until now. Yes, there is no content available in 8K right now, but Sony and other brands have already started working on it.

While Samsung is selling 8K televisions, the ZG9’s quality is way higher. Sony plans to sell this model in two sizes — 85 and 98 inches and is determined to change the course of history. The models use ultra-dense LED modules, specially designed for 8K UHD. They create high contrast images without causing any halo or blooming effect around them.

Even though Sony didn’t talk about it, we genuinely loved ZG9’s low ambient graphics in complete darkness. It uses the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology, which automatically changes brightness according to the surrounding conditions. Sony played live action and CG footage to display the television’s minuscule detail and wideband color. It is also a great choice for gamers because the television has amazing graphics skills.

The company uses X-Wide Angle technology to upscale 4K display to 8K to display amazingly naturalistic graphics. It also has a TV Centre Speaker Mode, which converts four front-facing speakers into a unified center speaker to create a surround sound ambiance. After it is launched in the market, the television will be compatible with Dolby Atmos.


2. Panasonic GZ2000 65-inch OLED TV


While other brands were busy showing off fancy prototypes, Panasonic tried its best to impress 4K TV home cinema lovers. The brand claims that their upcoming GZ2000 model to be the first OLED screen to support Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+. It will also become the first television to be Dolby Atmos-enabled. The custom OLED panel design is better at managing heat. It increases the entire screen’s brightness and not just HDR peak brightness.

Even though it is a small change, the image quality has seen a significant change. Panasonic has also brought in some major motion handling improvements. Its Intelligent Frame Creation earlier seemed to scatter light, but the new model works just fine even at faster speeds. Even though it is a small change, it causes a higher degree of visual crackle, which gives the graphics a better color detail.

Panasonic’s new HCX PRO Intelligent processor seems to have a promising future. It will take the brand a little time to fine tune it, but we have great expectations from it. The screen looks not only sophisticated but also sounds remarkable. Its compatibility with Dolby Atmos gives the viewers an immersive experience.

You don’t need to connect extra speakers or sound bars to the television for the better experience because it’s the best you can get. The GZ2000 model will be available in two sizes – 55 and 65 inches.

3. LG OLED65R Rollable OLED TV


If you are someone who is always looking for something out-of-the-box, your search ends here. This TV by LG literally rises out of the box to create the most satisfying viewing experience. The LG OLED65R Rollable OLED TV is flexible and one of the most advanced prototypes we saw at CES 2019. The flexible panel rolls down when you switch off the television. It is made up on multiple horizontal bars that give it flexibility.

It also offers a feature called Line View, where the screen only rolls down partially. The panel that is left over the box displays date, time, weather and plays music and news. Its image quality is another thing impressed us, and all the credit goes to its Alpha 9 image processor.

The box that stores the screen comes with a 4.2ch, 100W sound system that creates a surround sound experience. It is compatible with Dolby Atmos as well. LG dodged questions about its price, but we are sure it is going to over the top. The brand said that the screen is tested to roll down 50,000 times without affecting the display quality. Now that’s a one really fascinating model, isn’t it?

There were a few people who were curious whether you can place the box upside down, so the screen rolls down. Unfortunately, it is still premature compared to our imaginations of the future. The answer is no because the screen would get misaligned and you will have to repair it, which is going to be expensive as well.


4. Philips OLED 804


If you could measure sophistication in terms of television, then Philips OLED 804 will carry the highest marks. This brilliant model has a European/Nordic-influenced design. It is very similar to OLED 803 when it comes to specifications with slight improvements in its flagship OLED feature. You can consider it one level better, in contrast, sharpness, detail, and color reproduction when it comes to HDR and SDR scenes. All this was possible only because of Philips’ 3rd generation P5 image-wangling chip.

It has everything a premium-quality television should offer you in 2019, which includes Dolby Atmos audio, Dolby Vision advanced HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, Google Android TV smart platform, and Alexa compatibility. Philips is launching another similar model called OLED 854, which comes with a swivel stand. You can move the television depending on the seating area.

5. Sony X950G 65-inch LED LCD TV


Sony’s focused most of its attention on promoting 8K ZG9, which made a debut at CES 2019 but it also gave us a peek into its 4K LED LCD TV series called X950G. As you would have guessed by now, it is affordable compared to most models offered by Sony and is all ready to take X900F’s position in the market. Sony will be launching in the last quarter of 2019.

It comes with a metallic remote control, which is going to be an absolute joy for sofa jockeys. Sony finally got rid of the annoying rubber buttons that randomly stop working. The TV has a new sound system called Acoustic Multi-Audio sound positioning tweeters on both sides near the top of the screen. It also comes with standard bass reflex speakers. The television is Dolby Atmos-enabled, but it doesn’t make a difference in the sound quality.

It will be available in multiple screen sizes including 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches, all of which come with a full array backlight. Two of the largest sizes are fitted with X-Wide Angle technology for improved off-axis viewing. It runs on Oreo firmware, which means you can download Android apps on the television. Also, the model is compatible with Apple Airplay, and HomeKit has to be there. It just scored 10/10 and is an absolute win for us!


6. Samsung’s 2019 QLED TVs


Samsung hasn’t yet announced the sizes the brand plans to launch its 2019 4K QLED TV in. There is one thing that we can presume though – the screen is going to be big. Many of the previous QLED models the South Korean company has launched has been more than 55 inches –and the 2019 QLED TV’s are sure to take the legacy forward.

It will be an improved version of 2018’s Q9FN and also a lot more glamorous. It brings two improvements to the QLED world, which includes better black level performance and improved off-axis viewing, which Samsung calls Q Wide Angle with Light Control. If you would have noticed, the earlier models showed light leakage, but it magically disappeared in this prototype. Not that we are complaining or anything.

These updates take QLED closer to OLED’s performance characteristics. However, the peak HDR brightness feature remains the same but has reduced the blooming. It makes the images more defined, but you don’t notice it until you are into television tech. We almost forgot to mention that it is compatible with Apple AirPlay, HomeKit, and iTunes, which makes it a decent purchase.

7. Philips The One


One of the most affordable models that we genuinely liked, Philips The One has a weird model name, LED65ABCD57XB, but is dubbed differently because it is the answer to television needs of all customers. It comes in six different screen sizes and is very similar to Philips’ usual characteristics, which include Dolby Vision, usual styling and design, HLG and HDR10+, Ambilight, Micro Dimming LED backlighting, and Dolby Atmos and DTS HD audio.

If you compare the price with the features Philips is offering; you are getting a lot more. Let’s not forget that it supports Android TV and Google Assistant. It is Alexa-ready, which means you can sync it and then control using an Echo speaker. Philips hasn’t released the tentative price yet, but we already know it is going to be pocket-friendly. Our favorite part of the model was its name, which was what caught our attention.


More eye-catching televisions at CES 2019

LG had a pretty good run at this year’s CES. Apart from its drool-worthy (well, not literally) rollable television prototype, it showcased three more projects. The brand also didn’t shy back from telling everyone that they are the future of television. The first one is a transparent screen that substitutes as a window. You can put it up in your bedroom where windows normally go, and when you aren’t watching television, it will look like windows. Yes, we understand that you are slightly confused but guess what, it is happening.

The second prototype is called Crystal Sound 8K OLED TV, a large 88” inch model that is fitted with a speaker of the same size. It coordinates the graphics and the sound together so that you can experience the characters move. For example, if a car is going from the left to the right, the sound will be carried in the same direction. The third one was our personal favorite. It is an ultralight desktop screen that doubles as a television, which you can carry around, literally.


All it needs is a USB-C cable connection if you want to watch local channels. If that’s not necessary, you can simply connect it to your house WiFi and watch YouTube videos, Netflix, and stalk friends and foes on Facebook from any room. LG didn’t mention how much longer we will have to wait for these crazy yet creative inventions, but our estimate is very long.

Until then, we have one important question for you — which of the seven unreleased TVs you liked the most? We are going with Philips The One because it offers a lot of features at an affordable price. If you are broke from drinking too much wine or eating pizza every night, you’re sure to love it more. It is compatible with Android TV and Google Assistant. Want to change a channel? Just say it, and Echo will do that for you.  


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