Samsung Galaxy A50 – Bigger 4000 mAh Battery and 24 MP Camera and On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor


Samsung’s seems to have regained its confidence after the battery fiasco of the Galaxy series. While we were presented with lower battery sizes in their previous releases, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A50 is scheduled to carry a strapping 4,000 mAh battery.

While it’s no comparison to the 5,000 mAh battery that is supposed to ship with its other mid-range product, the Samsung Galaxy M20. We certainly believe that the 4,000 mAH in the A50 will prove to be an adequate option.



The A50 is said to be powered by the Exynos 7 9610 chipset – which is known for its battery performance and boasts of a CPU with four A53 cores and another four Cortex-A72 cores.

The Galaxy A50 is also set to sport a decent 4 Gigs of RAM and come in 64 GB and 128 GB variants. Many outlets have also reported that it will ship with Android 9 (Pie) pre-installed.

Samsung has several tiers of products – from its flagship range of the Galaxy S family, to its medium range like the M40 and the A50, the several low range products.


Considering the fact that historically for Samsung, it has always shipped the flagship product first with the latest Android module installed, we believe that the A50s will begin shipping only after the Galaxy S10 is in stores.

Decent Snaps For Category

The Galaxy A50 series is touted to sport a 24 MP rear camera, which is a decent one-up in the price range of the product.

Along with that, it is said to feature an on-screen fingerprint scanner – a much touted feature of the Galaxy S10. However, unlike the S10 – which will feature an on-screen fingerprint sensor of the Ultrasonic variety – the fingerprint reader on the A50 will be optical, a more traditional variant.


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