Royole launches the first Foldable Phone – But is it a hit or miss



Royole is a new company in the technology industry. The company itself is 5 years old and they are making a name for themselves this year by creating the Royole FlexPai which is the first foldable phone, right on the heels of LG’s Rollable Television.

The FlexPai is intriguing because it is a 7.8-inch Android tablet but when folded it becomes two Android phones with two separate sim cards. There is a primary and secondary phone so that when you unfold the phone the primary phone becomes the tablet. 

The tablet comes with 1920 x 1440 resolution but when the phone is folded the resolution shrinks down to less than half.  This is because of the unused OLED screen that wraps around the entire area of the device.  The quality is poor, and it displays color banding, dim areas on the screen, and is similar to the old AMOLED screens used by Samsung many years ago. 


When you initially look at the product you may feel as if you are going to break it when folding the tablet to create the phones, but Royole engineered a product that is sturdy and is not as fragile as it looks. 


The basic functioning software is the main problem with the FlexPai as when you fold it, apps sometimes seem directly on top of each other, widgets do not function properly, and the camera is easy to launch, which is bad when you are not wanting to have a camera opened.


The price for this tablet is high when compared to other tablets but Royole justifies the price because you are getting a tablet and two phones.

Bottom line is that foldables are going to start coming into the mainstream market and Royole is getting noticed because they were the first to develop this type of product.  Only time will tell if the demand picks up over the next few months. 


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