Our 10 Best In Show CES 2019 Products



CES 2019 wrapped up on Friday, January 11th with news about the amazing advances in technology as well as a list of the best new devices that are either available now, or shortly, to the public.  Here is a recap of the top 10 products from this year’s show.




This is the first of its kind on the market and is sure to be a top seller when it is released to the public later this year.  This is a roll-able smart TV that will have Alexa and Amazon Assistant already installed in the platform.  It comes on a base that functions as the sound system for the TV as well as used as a music streaming system.  The features and technology of this television are like nothing we have seen before as it comes equipped with Dolby Vision, a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and Al algorithm.  This TV features perfect imagery and exceptional sound quality.

2.  Audi/Disney Holoride – Best Car Tech. 



Disney and Audi have teamed up to bring consumers the first vehicle on the market that will have a VR technology experience available for passengers.   The idea of this type of technology is to give passengers something exciting to do while riding in a vehicle.  The VR technology shows cartoons, different landscapes, and even super hero themes that all integrate with movement of the vehicle creating a thrilling ride with every twist and turn of the car itself.  This vehicle will launch in late 2020 or in 2021.

3.  Matrix Powerwatch 2 –  Best Emerging Tech.  


The new Matrix Powerwatch 2 is the most powerful smartwatch and you will never have to charge it or change the battery as it is charged by the person wearing it or by solar energy.  This unique watch comes with LED lighting display, a heart rate monitor,  an accurate calorie counter, iOS/Android applications, and is water-resistant. 

4.  KitchenAid Smart Display – Best Smart Home.  


KitchenAid appliances are must haves in every kitchen for those that love to cook and now they have come out with modern smart home technology.  Smart Display is powered by Google Assistant voice activation technology and installed in Whirlpool and KitchenAid appliances.  This device will allow you to have step-by-step recipes with a voice command or play your favorite music.  This added display is at a great price, so it is sure to be purchased often by those who love the kitchen.

5.  Acer Swift 7 – Best Laptop.  


Laptop computers are probably one of the most competitive in regard to new features added every year.  This year the Acer Swift 7 topped the list because of the thinness but added technological features.  This laptop has a 7th generation CPU, an 8th generation Intel Core i7-8500Y which makes it compete with the MacBook Air.   It will not come out till May but will be a big seller at launch.

6.  P&G Opté Precision Skincare System – Best Beauty Tech.  


The beauty industry is not forgotten when it comes to launches of great technology as each year a product comes out that consumers have been waiting to aid in the aging process.  This particular product is a brushless makeup system that is going to be purchased by all those who are trying to cover those dark spots, or blemishes on their skin but at the same time not having to apply more make up than necessary.  This device will scan your face and apply the exact amount of makeup needed to cover those unwanted spots on the face. 

7.  Google Assistant Upgrades:  Interpreter Mode and Connect – Best AI.  


Google always makes a big appearance at the CES convention as being one of the top technology innovation companies in the world.   This year it set it sites on showing consumers the new upgrades to its popular Google Assistant.  There are a host of upgrades with this new system but the most intriguing was that of the Interpreter Mode which allows consumers to have conversations in 27 languages and the Google Assistant Connect program which will allow Google Assistant to work with third-party devices.  This will make the Google Assistant much more competitive and accepted by Google users. 

8. Alienware Area-51m.  Best Gaming Product.   


CES convention is full of the newest gaming technology as consumer demand for faster and more graphics is at an all time high in the industry.  Laptop technology has usually not been able to create a gaming experience like that of a desktop but the Alienware Area-51m laptop is extremely close to the Alienware desktop version which is something that gamers across the world  have wanted for years.  They want the ability to bring their gaming system with them when they are unable to be in front of their desktop at home.  Alienware has upgraded the CPU, and GPU as well as installed a Core i9-9900 HK, GeForce RTX2080, and finally a 2.5Gb Wi-Fi.   This is the answer for gamers who need to be on the go but what to have their favorite games along for the ride.

9.  Omron HeartGuide – Best Health Tech.  


The healthcare industry is a leader in regard to creating technology that we can use at home to help save lives.   This year Omron has introduced the public to the first FDA approved smartwatch that has among all other smartwatch technology, a blood pressure checker.  Blood pressure technology is very difficult to invent, and Omron is sure to excite consumers that have blood pressure issues but also want a smart watch as this advancement will give you everything within one watch. 

10.  HTC Vive Pro Eye.  Best AR/VR Tech.   

Ever since HTC launched its first generation Vive, VR has become a norm in households across the country.  They have come out swinging this year by creating a system that reads your eye movement which is something that is crucial in real VR gaming.  This new system can even track eye gazes, it improves the hands free controls,  and the overall graphics in the games.  The new Vive Pro Eye will be available to buy this year. 


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