Nike Adapt BB Truly is a Smart Shoe



Nike as a company has always been at the forefront in creating shoes that consumers have been known to stand in line for hours to purchase.  Have you ever been at the mall when a new Air Jordan shoe is launching?  The image is incredible with people waiting for hours upon hours to purchase the newest pair.  This is sure to be the case with the Nike Adapt BB which will go on sale in February, but will only be available online.


Power lacing is the one feature that is available with this new basketball shoe and is sure to be a hit with athletes. All thanks to a technology that means they will no longer have to take time from the game in order lace their shoes.  Truly a great feature, although it was not necessarily the idea in the development and design of this particular shoe.  Initially, the Nike Adapt BB was designed to adapt to changes in the athletes foot and stance. 


With the power lace a player can put on their shoe and adjust the laces so that they fit properly at that moment, but as every athlete acknowledges sometimes the laces have to be loosened or tightened throughout the game and this shoe makes that possible with the technology built within the power lace. With a simple touch of a button on the app or on the shoe itself the laces can be adjusted according to the needs of the player. 

Nike are concentrating on Basketball, as they believe it is the sport where this type of constant foot expansion requires the most adjustment in lace tightness.

I will be exciting to see how many basketball players take advantage of this new technology and purchase a pair of these shoes. However, taking into consideration their initial plans for the product line, Nike does plan on expanding this product to other sports and athletes.


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