New Volca Modular and Volca Drum synths announced by Korg



Korg is expending its popular Volca line by adding two new unique instruments: Volca Modular and Volca Drum.

The Volca line includes a relatively affordable and portable battery powered analong and digital synths. After first being introduced in 2013, those wonderful Volca synths such as the Beats, Bass, Keys and FM, have made an enormous impact on the music production market and gained popularity between reputable producers.

Despite Korg’s recent years’ success, in 2019 they are still eager to keep progressing and implementing improvements in the Volca’s capabilities to fit the current music production industry’s demands, trends and technological changes.



Unlike the analog based Volca Beats, the Volca Drum seems to be a bit complex and relies on a digital physical modeling engine with layers. Korg claims that the instrument is capable of “some eccentric drum styles unique to the Volca.” while it holds the ability to create standard drum sounds. The Volca Drums will have some unique sequencing possibilities, generating complex rhythms. Additionally, the synth will also be controlled by the very detailed retro screen which is the most complex we’ve seen from a Volca so far.



The Volca Modular is a semi-modular synth. Unlike the famous MS-20 or any other modular setup, this Volca will use pin-cables instead of a full size patch cables, similar to other modular boutique instruments such as Bastl Kastle’s semi modular.

The Volca Modular has 50 different patch points and is capable of generating harsher sounds that the average Volca, a bit more strange and percussive.


This type of synthesis is a refreshing change for Korg as it is clearly influenced by recent boutique trends and the so-called “west-coast” synthesis style which tends to avoid “traditional” synthesis techniques.

Usually, similar synths with this type of boutique nature tend to be costly and distant, but Korg has managed to offer an affordable and simple product that might also help beginners take their first synthesis steps.

Korg have yet to reveal an official release date, only mentioning both synths are expected to launch in “early 2019” for around 200$.


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