New Twitter Web Interface Rolling Out With Emoji Button


A new Twitter web interface is starting to roll out. This time users can expect the addition of a newly designed emoji button and other interface changes.

More importantly, Twitter will bring changes to how we tweet with various shortcuts embedded in the new redesign. Additionally, there will now be a dedicated button in the lower right-hand side of our tweet box. Another major change is that the interface will now be consolidated into just two columns compared to three columns before the update.

Many users have already received an opt-in to try the renewed interface. You can go ahead and see part of it in Twitter’s official tweet above.

Twitter has announced several updates are to take place, with beta testers already involved. However, those features are not part of the update given in the tweet above, but have to do with status updates and reply functionality.

It is still unclear when a broader roll out for these feature will take place or when to expect to opt-in for the trial. Nevertheless, we will keep you posted as we have more information.

If you’re one of the lucky users to also experience the new interface, let us know your thoughts!

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