New OnePlus 7 Could Have Sliding Display



Smartphone technology is always changing and the manufacturers are consistently coming up with new features that will draw consumers to their devices. At the same time, they also are very tight-lipped about the features until just before launch.  The OnePlus 7 is no exception.

There has not been a release or really any solid information that discusses the new design of the OnePlus 7, but images of the phone have come out that show the phone does not have a bezel, notch or hole making it the first OnePlus with a sliding screen.  The images are also showing that this new phone could come with a curved screen and continue to have the fingerprint scanner like the OnePlus 6T. 



The only images that have come out about the OnePlus 7 were on a Chinese social platform by a leaker that is not well-known in the industry.  There are a few things about the images he released that suggest that they are real, but there are also things about this leak that do not add up, so it is not 100% believable.

The leaked image

One of the images shows a side by side comparison of the OnePlus 7 and the 6T (that has already been released).  This image is showing a white case around the phones which is standard when trying to hide features on the phone.  The hardware and software look right as they both are showing the NFC logo. 


Although a lot on the image might have you believe that it is authentic, the time and date on the phones make you question whether the image is real.  The time and date on both phones is 25 hours apart but both the phones are connected to Wi-Fi and would update to the proper date and time.  There are a few more reasons to question this photo’s authenticity but again no one knows for sure if these are real images.

However, if these images are real, then the OnePlus 7 is an amazing phone.   Making the screen curve makes it a better-looking phone and the enlarged speaker showing in the images suggest that OnePlus is aiming to improve the sound quality and possibly make the sound more like a stereo system than a phone. 

OnePlus’ recent release does have a launch of the OnePlus 7 in May so one thing is for sure, we will know then if this leak was the real thing and what features are available on this highly anticipated device. 


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