New David Fincher animated series on Netflix is not kids



Netflix original programming is growing more popular every year.  The creativity is less restrictive on the writers, producers and actors than on mainstream television or cable.  Storylines can take many turns that would otherwise be frowned upon in regular Hollywood circles and the storylines of these original shows/series are much more captivating than most can find on cable or network television. 

creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.

Tim Miller



David Fincher and Tim Miller are in the process of creating a series of 18 animated short stories featuring robots going by the name ‘Love, Death & Robots’.  They have put a lot of thought into this project and are even using different film crews for each story to capture pure creativity.  Miller himself is relieved that he can take risks with this particular project.  He was even quoted as saying “creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.”    

Content of these shows has not been released but storylines are to cover comedy, tragedy, and even a few horror storylines.  The release date has also not been announced but the directors and writers are thrilled with the idea of being able to create without worrying about network appeal or constraints. 

Is original programming on streaming sites going to become mainstream and cable become a part of our past?  That is the question on everyone’s minds.  With the rising cost of cable and the lack of original content, companies like Netflex, Hulu or Apple in the future, will definitely continue to create a high level of competition for cable and network television stations. 


The only thing that seems to stop a complete collapse is the need for news and sports channels.   When these companies figure out a way to bring you live sporting events and news channels that are engaging, consumers will definitely have a viable option on where and what they will view.  


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