Netflix reveals that 45 million accounts have viewed Bird Box



The name ‘Bird Box’ has inspired many a meme(s) and has garnered quite a lot of fame in the a very short amount of time after going viral on the internet.

For the unaware, it’s a Sandra Bullock starring film that premiered online on Netflix on the 21st of December.

In an almost extremely rare moves, Netflix released the viewing numbers of the film, something which it never does. And the result is staggering.  


In a tweet on the 28th of December, Netflix revealed that more than 45 million accounts had watched “Bird Box” on its platform, making it the “best 7 days ever for a Netflix Film”

Bird Box revolves around Malori (played by Sandra Bullock) and her determination to defend her family from an unseen force that makes you want to kill yourself, if you see it. Malorie along with her children, sets out in search of a safe haven, away from the force wit blindfolds on, so as to ensure no one gazes at the force. It is a gripping thriller indeed.


Last year, in October, Netflix revealed that it had crossed the 130 million paid subscribers milestone. Taking that into consideration, it is safe to assume that over a third of Netflix’s paid subscriber base has watched the film.

The movie on its own has received mixed ratings. However, it’s brilliant cast viz. Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Jacki Weaver and John Malkovich, has definitely contributed to its success.

It also seems to have gained from its release around the holidays. Not to forget the several thousand memes going around that have added to the movie’s popularity.

The numbers released by Netflix only seem to add to our understanding of its brilliant global reach and market penetration that easily marks its competitors.


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