NES Gamepads For The Switch – Are They Worth It?



Remember the 8-bit times? When you spent hours on your NES playing Mario? Cradling those rectangular controllers between your tiny hands, as you went off on a quest to save the princess (who, by the way, was always in the other castle!)

How would you like to be transported to those times? Get hit by a dash of Nostalgia, maybe?

Remember the huge rush you felt when Nintendo brought back the NES Classing for $60? These consoles at the time sold more than the PS4 and Xbox combined.


Well, Nintendo has another blast from the past your way – the NES Gamepads for the Nintendo Switch.

However, there’s a catch, in fact, there are several catches. Number one, these NES Gamepads cost $60 (Yes, just the pads for the cost of the whole NES Consoles). Number two, they’re only available to Switch users who subscribe to Switch Online. And finally, they’re wireless and practically useless outside of the Switch ecosystem.

So, if you’re one of those people who enjoys playing emulations of classic NES titles on your switch and would like to add even more of a retro feel to your gaming setup, then these are for you. Otherwise, they’re pretty much useless.


They look just the original, look and feel wise. Except they’re wireless and come with L and R buttons. To charge them, you slide them in place of your Joy-cons when your Switch is docked. However, you need to detach them to play.

Users who’ve bought the device have posted several complaints. The fact that you cannot access the home screen with the NES pads. You can also not exit any games with these pads and will require the assistance of the Joy-cons.

While we enjoyed the small nostalgia that game with playing an emulated Super Marios 3 with these pads, it didn’t last long.

At $60 a pair, it is pretty expensive. And we’d rather go with an actual NES Classic console, which retails for the same price.


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