Marvel Cinematic Universe to finally introduce The Eternals – But Who Are They?



Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) new releases have become some of the most highly anticipated releases in modern times.  Even though it seems like a new Marvel super hero movie comes out every few months, they have still not come close to introducing all the characters available in the comics.  As we are approaching Phase 4 of the MCU, Infinity War, it seems that The Eternals will be the next group of super heroes to hit theaters.


The leader of the Eternals (and occasionally Deviant), Thanos, has already been introduced to Marvel fans but the rest of the characters that could feature in the MCU have not been revealed.  Despite having not been exposed to these characters in the movies, we know that these heroes are a special race that have lived in the solar system for millions of years.  They look normal on the outside. However, their biological makeup gives them super human strength, longer lives, and other special powers that are not among the traits of normal humans.


Cousins to the Deviants, both races were created by the cosmic Gods (known to most as the Celestials) through experimentation.  The Deviants are full of rage and are known to be war mongering species, while The Eternals are peace-loving and go into battles and wars because of the Deviants’ actions.  Unfortunately, these wars tend to have great impact on humans.

As stated above, The Eternals are not prone to disease and they have the power to regenerate their bodies after battle wounds. This makes killing an Eternal extremely difficult. 



The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby in 1976 and the freedom he had in this creation is where he came up with the idea of having two advanced races locked into a never-ending war. 

Although it has been 40 years since their creation, the Eternals have had little publicity. The idea that Phase 4 has been named Infinity War definitely allows for a Eternals vs. Deviants movie. Such a movie should help flesh out the story even further and give a few answers to burning questions. 


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