LG V50 Will Beat Samsung S10 To 5G With Confirmed Announcement Date


With all the talk surrounding 5G and its introduction to smartphones, it seems as though an outside candidate will beat the likes of Samsung and apple to the cake. We still don’t know which version of the LG V50 will be the one to make the 5G grade. Furthermore, we will have to settle for a slightly bulkier device than the 4G V40.

The news comes as LG officially announced that they will be launching its first 5G device at MWC 2019, presumably the LG V50. The event takes place in Barcelona, as every year. The exact date is February 26th.

We do expect a host of other brands and manufacturers to launch, or it least announce their latest devices, some of which will surely integrate 5G as well.

In terms of specs, we can expect a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU which is set to power the first batch of 5G smartphones such as the LG V50. On the battery end a 4,000mAh battery is expected to handle the new tech.

As this is a new technology, certain measures will be required to ensure an environment in which the devices don’t overheat. For that purpose, LG has come up with a new ‘vapor cooling chamber’. It behaves like an normal heat pipe would to draw heat away from the CPU. However, this chamber will be more than twice the size of a normal heat pipe. This comes as no surprise since we already know the phone will also be larger than its predecessor.


With all the noise thrown around about fold-able phones, getting another chunky device that’s not fold-able might not be what the doctor ordered. In addition, if you consider the fact that 5G isn’t as well spread as 4G, it might be smart to wait a little before jumping on the 5G wagon. However, if the past few years have taught us something, it’s that there’s always a great device for every category. At any rate, we’re staying optimistic for this year’s MWC 2019 and everything it holds in store.

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