LG Creates a Rollable Television



The CES convention came out with a lot of reporting on the innovations that are on display this year.  LG’s new rollable television was one of the products that received a lot of attention and was rolling quite a few heads (pun intended!).

This LG Signature OLED TV R is expected to hit the market for consumer sales in 2019, but it already made a name for itself as some consumers are excited about the technology and the ability to move the television around the house or outside for special events.


The signature television comes with a large steel base that also is the sound system and has innards which help the panel to roll itself down.  The panel is 65 inches and will come with LG’s second generation Alpha9 SoC power. 

LG Rollable Television

The OLED has a window blind back that can roll into a cylinder inside the base.  This LG Signature OLED TV R has three major functions, full screen view, partially rolled out view, and zero view which is when the user rolls the screen down into the base and uses just the sound system. Consumers can stream their favorite music, photos, movies and television programs.



LG touts this as revolutionary as it has HD quality display with Dolby Vision, an a9 Generation 3 Intelligent Processor, and a deep Al algorithm.  It also comes with LG ThinQ which is a voice activated command system.  You can roll the screen up and down just by using your voice.  It is a smart TV with Google Assistant and Alexa already in the system.   LG says this TV  is a cinematic invention that gives the consumer the ability to move the TV wherever they are wanting to relax and enjoy a realistic viewing experience.  

The price on this television is on the higher end but as more companies realize the demand then they will create similar products and the price will come down with time.  


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