Fortnite streamer gets massive donation by fellow gamer




“WHAT IS THAT S**T?”, said Exotic Chaotic, the famous Fortnite streamer right after noticing a strange change in the donation digits earlier this week. Stunned by the amazing act, he stopped playing the game to check his PayPal account. There, he found a surprising $75K.

This recent live donation appears to be a new Twitch record for most money donated in a single transaction. Although Exotic Chaotic took some time to acknowledge this amazing donation, thinking it is a fake one. He was finally convinced that this is in fact real and that the donation was made by a fellow streamer and a friend, KingMascot.



“At first I thought my moderator ‘IEsh’ was messing with me. He sometimes would test $100 donations through Streamlabs just to set the alert off and startle me, so at first it was [like] ‘Oh, this must be a joke.’ Then I checked my PayPal and saw $72,000 on hold and then kind of just examined everything about it for a bit—trying to make sure it was real money. It cleared 24 hours after he donated.”

“I do not have a very high income. My girlfriend has worked full-time to support my career as a Fortnite streamer, so I owe it to her and my four-year-old son to protect and grow this money for their futures.”


KingMascot, the donating streamer says he did this as a gesture for his friend and colleague while knowing he’s in a tough financial situation. He was able to afford such a donation due to the fact he was an early Bitcoin investor and now a stock trader.

“It’s been a month since I knew I was gonna do it, but PayPal wasn’t the easiest to work with,” he said. “Felt timing [was] right for around the holidays so they could have a great start to the year.”

Although winning around 30k$ with Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish series, Exotic Chaotic claims he’s had difficulties holding on to that money. House hold payments and repairs of his old car has taken their toll, but he deeply hopes someday he will be able to do the same and pass this kindness forward.


“It’s very fun making bigger donations and seeing how happy it makes them. If I grow my stream to an extent, I will definitely make other streamers very happy. I did decide to pay one of my supporters a big chunk of change for helping me get this far and designing a lot of my stuff and giving me advice… But for all I know, this will only happen once, so I need to make sure I take advantage of the opportunity and secure my son’s future and repay my gf for believing in me.”


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