Everything You Need to Know about Technology in January 2019



Everyone agrees that technology changes every single day in this world and with that it is imperative that consumers as well as those involved in the technology sector stay abreast to changes as they happen as not to be left behind.  Knowledge is power and there have been several changes that have occurred in the past month that are necessary for all to know.  Data breaches, conference kickoffs, political figures being cyber attacked, streaming companies are developing award winning programming, lawsuits being filed via a tweet and of course Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have all taken place over the Holiday Season.

User Data

Data breaches have become almost a weekly occurrence.  When watching the nightly news, it seems as if some large corporation was breached and data of their customers was stolen.  Recently Marriott had to announce that they had a data breach where the items stolen were passport numbers of approximately 5 million of their customers.  This happened in November and Marriott took every precaution to make sure the customers affected were aware of the situation.


CES 2019

It’s convention season and as the CES convention gets ready to launch this week it is being said that Artificial Intelligence will take center stage which will help companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.  Amazon released the amount Alexa devices that have been sold and it has already reached 100 million, so this is sure to be the topic of discussion at this year’s show.  Samsung is set to display a few exciting and innovative TV’s like the 75″ version of “The Wall” that they launched last year as well as their new smart TV which will allow consumers to play music and film from their personal libraries.   This year as with every year is sure to please consumers and technology giants.

Cyber Attacks


In cyber attacking news it has been reported that German Politicians are the most recent victims.  This included Angela Merkel, Robert Habeck and Jan Bohmermann are among those that were breached.  The breach contained private chats, personal information and financial details. 

The hackers released all of this information on twitter.  The motive has not been released but most are saying that the people responsible are wanting to ruin the democracy of Germany.


With the growth of the streaming industry it is not unfathomable that unique shows created on sites like Netflix would be huge hits with the general population.  This was definitely on display at the Golden Globes as numerous shows were nominated from companies like Hulu and Netflix.  Netflix’s “Roma” won the award for best foreign language film and best director.  

With the discontent of cable companies, consumers are cancelling their cable and in trade are signing up with these less expensive yet more engaging streaming channels. 

Social Media

Social media has taken over the way that we communicate with each other and most recently a harassment lawsuit was filed against a venture capitalist via twitter.   The judge in the case ruled that it was ok for the complainant to serve the accused via his twitter account.  Although this is not the first time, but it seems to be very rare. The final bit of technology news to come out was that Facebook’s, Mark Zuckerberg, has some shares of his Facebook stock in order to fund medical research aimed at curing all disease within one generation.


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