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New OnePlus 7 Could Have Sliding Display

Smartphone technology is always changing and the manufacturers are consistently coming up with new features that will draw consumers to their devices. At the same time, they also are very tight-lipped about the features until just before

WhatsApp iOS Gets New Engaging Features

Consumers with smart phones are constantly having to download phone updates as well as updates that seem to come daily from the applications downloaded. The ever-popular mobile messaging app, WhatsApp iOS has a new update that is going to

Fake AT&T 5G icon misleads customers

AT&T has recently made some improvements to some of its LG and Samsung smartphones. These latest updates include showing AT&T 5G connectivity logos on screen regardless of these smartphones actual capabilities of connecting to 5G


Alien Isolation Game Sequel Coming Soon?

True gamers across the world are constantly waiting for the launch of the newest version of their favorite and most challenging games. Typically, a sequel to a game will come out within a few years of the initial game launch but that

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