Black Widow Might Be Marvel Studios’ First R-Rated Film


We already know that Black Widow is going to be in the spotlight with the character’s own movie. However, it seems Marvel Studios might take a slight risk by making it the first R rated film in the MCU.

The move doesn’t come as a huge surprise. As we all know, two Marvel characters have received R rated treatment and went on to become a huge success. First was Deadpool with $783 million at the box office, and shortly after came Logan, with a very impressive $619 million in revenue.


Building on that success, and assuming Disney’s consolidation of Marvel properties from 20th Century Fox goes through, it won’t be a surprise if we get to see a similar approach to Black Widow as the one made with Fox’s Marvel properties.

Seeing as the character has a diverse, dark backstory, it would be of no surprise if Black Widow would be the heroine to take the MCU in a more mature direction. After 20 PG-13 rated films, we think it would be a welcome change, and also may attract a new set of audiences just like Deadpool has done.

The film already has a director attached to it, Cate Shortland, as well as screenwriter Jac Schaeffer. Returning to star as Black Widow is Scarlett Johansson and the movie is expected to go into production soon.

An official release date has not been confirmed yet, but based on the MCU timeline, the movie the expected to roll out to theaters in 2020.

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