Xiaomi’s folding phone is the best yet

A teaser video has been revealed for Xiaomi's folding phone. The video was posted by Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin. The video is almost one minute long and details the double folding phone. Unlike other foldable phones,


Nike Adapt BB Truly is a Smart Shoe

Nike as a company has always been at the forefront in creating shoes that consumers have been known to stand in line for hours to purchase.  Have you ever been at the mall when a new Air Jordan shoe is launching?  The image is incredible

Netflix Monthly Prices are Set to Increase

Netflix is the most popular streaming app ever launched and has undoubtedly caused many of the old players of cable services throughout the world to wither away.  As with any product or service around the globe, as demand increases so does

LG is Working on Foldable Smartphones

Smartphone users are consistently searching for a reason to upgrade their existing phones to be able to get new features that are not available with just updates. Recently, cellular companies have not really come out with

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