Apple Launches Battery Charger Phone Case for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR


Apple is having to come up with exciting new products as their stock has dropped lately due to lack of the excitement for the new iPhones.   Seems that Apple is not only teaming up with third-party companies to push their apps, but it is stepping up its accessory game as it recently launched a new battery charger phone case for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

It is rumored that Apple had worked on battery charging cases for these particular phones, but no formal announcement had ever been made.  While searching the Apple website it was recently reported that the cases are actually already available for purchase and will cost the consumer $129 (Really??).  Not much sense to this when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

These phone cases will be available in black or white, and will only be available for these particular phones.  Apple has stated that those with the iPhone X are not able to purchase one of these cases for their phones which has disappointed some of the device owners.

According to reports from Apple themselves, these new cases are compatible with the Qi-Certified chargers so consumers will be able to charge their phones with the case still attached to the phone because there is a separate charging coil attached to the case.

This new phone case is going to be a winner for Apple as the battery life of this phone will increase dramatically.  Battery life has always been the thorn in the side of smartphone developers because the consumers want to maintain their screen time, but each app drains the battery so much that it makes it impossible to go an entire day without utilizing a charger.

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