Amazon’s Echo Auto Has Started Shipping


The voice command personal assistant technology industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. These types of devices have companies like Apple and Amazon competing every year for new upgrades to their current devices and has even caused these companies to partner with third-party companies to expose this innovation to more of the public through everyday products like appliances and smart home technology.  Amazon has recently even gotten into the automotive industry by creating the Auto Echo.

The Echo Auto, which was also on show at CES 2019 is an aftermarket product that was developed to bring the technology of Alexa to automobiles.  This highly sought-after product has been on back-order for a while, but Amazon is happy to announce that it has started shipping orders. 

The first customers to receive their Echo Auto did so in December in time for Christmas but the demand is still so high that production has had to increase in order to fulfill all the orders that have already been placed. Pre-orders are now being filled and you still are only able to order with through an invite only. 

Although the Echo Auto is the most coveted product that is still not available to the everyday consumer, Amazon has reported it also had problems shipping out its original Echo devices in time for the Christmas rush.  No one has given an exact reason why these products were not ready for the influx of sales for the holidays, but Amazon is assuring its customers that their devices, whether a Home Echo or the Echo Auto, will ship at a faster pace than they have seen as of date. 

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