Amazon launches the Echo Auto at CES 2019


The CES 2019 convention is releasing news daily on new products that are hitting the market now and in the near future.  Amazon’s Alexa is a big seller for the company and the past year they have launched many products that contain the Alexa voice activated technology such as microwaves, television dongles and even clocks and not to forget their Echo device range. 

Amazon has finally launched the Echo Auto, coinciding with the recent announcement of the first standalone Android Auto, which has been highly anticipated because it is in your vehicle where most people spend a good part of their day.  They have actually started shipping the product and it only costs $24.99 which is a price point that should appeal to most voice activated technology customers. 

The demand is very high for this product so anticipate a wait time before delivery, but this device is so amazing it will allow you to control your music, audio books, podcasts and navigation from your vehicle. You will also be able to set up the controls for any smart appliances you have in your home so you can control those from your car.


The Echo Auto works with Google maps and obviously has access to apps like Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM. Other apps from third parties like Apple are coming soon, so be on the lookout. 

This product will not work with CarPlay or Android Auto so you will still have to have your phone even though you have the Echo Auto.  If you have a newer model Ford, Mercedes, Toyota or Audi, their infotainment systems come directly with Alexa which does not need a phone so keep that in mind when you are purchasing a new vehicle. 

Voice activated technology is fun and exciting.  Families use them to purchase items they need so they can be shipped directly to their homes, they have installed them in appliances so that you can talk to your appliance instead of pushing buttons and now we will have this convenience at our fingertips while in our cars. 

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