Amazon Expected to Announce Whole Foods Expansion



As most online consumers are aware, Amazon has become the source to purchase most products utilized in the home including groceries with their partnership with popular grocery chain Whole Foods.

As many grocery chains have duplicated this process, Amazon is clearly the leader and would like to create an empire of sorts.   They have become and IT infrastructure, e-commerce and now grocery giant and they continue to explore expansions that will enable them to own the market. 

It is rumored that Amazon now intends to up the ante and expand Whole Foods grocery delivery into the suburban market which until recently was not available.  They have purchased numerous facilities throughout the country in order to accommodate the demands, but many of the locations are being kept secret at the moment.  It has also been said that these locations will concentrate on locally grown items in order to assist in helping local farming communities. 


It is widely reported that Amazon has opened and will continue to open several stores that are grab- and go.  This means that they have created a shopping experience where the consumer can go in, get what they need and pay online through an app and never see a cashier or wait in a line.  This type of service caters to the popular millennial generation that typically does not want to wait to be served. 

Although Amazon clearly is expanding rapidly in all aspects of their business, the most talked about expansion is how Amazon intends to increase their two-hour prime delivery service to all Whole Foods stores across the country.  This expansion is said to grow Whole Foods at an exponential rate and increase demand for such services. 

If all of these expansions are accurate then Amazon will dominate the market in many aspects and will be able to hire and become one of the largest employers across the country. 


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