Alien Isolation Game Sequel Coming Soon?

Alien: Blackout


True gamers across the world are constantly waiting for the launch of the newest version of their favorite and most challenging games.  Typically, a sequel to a game will come out within a few years of the initial game launch but that has not been the case with Alien: Isolation.  It has already been five years, but it seems as if the wait may be over as a teaser was announced on the Alien twitter page this week.   

Link to Twitter Account – https://twitter.com/AlienAnthology

Now this is the second tweet in a week, so video game enthusiasts are certain that a new game is coming very soon but just the anticipation is causing them to speculate about the storyline.


Varying Theories

The teaser that was announced is causing a stir as the tweet was very vague and not clear on what the story-line would be about.  The one thing that is clear is that an Alien game is coming out.  Most agree on a few facts with the upcoming game.  They agree that Amanda Ripley will be the protagonist as she was in the 2014 version of Alien Isolation and that the game will have the same setting as the movie that was released in 1979.   

The difference of opinion occurs in the specifics of the game itself.  Some feel that it will be a sequel to the Alien Isolation game, others believe it is the Alien Blackout game that had already been announced to release this year, and there are gamers who believe that the teaser is about a completely new game which most agree is unlikely. 


New game releases always bring excitement to gamers everywhere, but it is very clear that five years of a lull in the release of a new Alien game has caused discussions to begin and the release is sure to be a win for Sega. 

Update JAN 8, 2019:
Despite using the same character, ‘Alien: Blackout’ will not be a direct sequel to 2014’s ‘Alien: Isolation’. Additionally, it will launch on Android and iOS as opposed to Isolation which launched on PC and major consoles by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.


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