Alexa and Google Assistant Control Samsung TVs



Television technology is moving as rapidly as computers, smart phones, and tablets.  Every day a new article is released about the features that manufacturers have added to the already popular smart TVs. The competition is getting intense, but Samsung seems to have gained control of the market.

Samsung as a company has decided to place their hands deep in the development and utilization of very popular third-party technology.  Recently they announced that they will have TVs with Apple iTunes streaming capabilities and now they have reported that Alexa as well as Google’s Assistant can control their new televisions.

To use this technology the consumer will have to buy an Alexa Echo or Google assistant (Home) and the voice command function on these devices will need set up to control different features of the Samsung televisions. 


Samsung televisions already come with a voice activated system called Bixby, but it will co-exist and be supported by Alexa and Google Assistant.  Features include the ability to change channels, adjust the volume and power the device all through voice command features.

Samsung is making major announcements at the CES convention this week and it has created a lot of buzz in the technology industry.  The market share of Samsung is growing with these type features as well as the announcement that they have made about being the only television manufacturer that is partnering with Apple to bring iTunes movie and television library streaming to their televisions

It has not been announced if the older model Samsung television’s will be able to gain these features with a simple download, but one thing is for sure, the 2019 models will be in high demand as soon as the public is aware of all the new technology added to the already popular Samsung Smart Televisions. 


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